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String Quartet Skytop Lodge

Nicole, Caden & Murad Elbattah
Skytop Lodge

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The name “Valenches” and the words “string music” go hand in hand when it comes to professional  string playing in NEPA. The Valenches Music Company’s 100% professional musicians (including violin, viola, cello & bass) have produced THOUSANDS of events including wedding ceremonies, receptions, funerals, holiday affairs and more.

So, if you’re looking to compliment your event with just the right sound, here’s some info to get you started.

Professionals in Violin, Viola, Cello & Bass

Scranton String Quartet

The Valenches Music Company String Professionals
Fritz Valenches, Jule Supplee, Leah Valenches, Lynn Hurst, Gerard McGlone, Jean Brubaker, Peter Brubaker.

First and foremost, if you’re at all concerned with quality, and we’re sure you are, PROFESSIONAL musicians are a MUST.

No doubt, you’ll save a few bucks hiring your neighbor’s son to play for your grand bridal entrance. After all, he’s been playing the violin for 5 years already, right? While your neighbor’s son might  be quite talented for his 5 years of violin study, you can’t be too cautious. String instruments are among the most difficult to learn and even more difficult to play well. Yes, there certainly are students who play well — we’ve taught hundreds of them —  but if you want charm and elegance to be a sure thing and not a quality masked by less than perfect tone and intonation, go professional. Put it this way, if the idea of a high school biology student performing your liver transplant makes you feel uncomfortable, then you shouldn’t feel comfortable trusting non-professional musicians to perform for life’s most important milestones.

“This was one of the best days of our lives and we had the privilege of having the Valenches Music Company String Quartet for our wedding ceremony. What awesome talent and great people to work with! Thank you Fritz & Leah!”

– Nicole & Murad Elbattah


Wedding at Skytop Lodge

The Valenches Music Company String Quartet
Elbattah Wedding – Skytop Lodge

The Valenches Music Company boasts an indestructible force field of string professionals that are not only highly skilled in what they do, they’re 100% reliable as well. That means, if we’re contracted to be at your event, WE’LL BE THERE. It would be impossible to build the base of repeat and referral clients that we have on a “no show” reputation.

String Quintet, Quartet, Trio, Duo & Solo Violin

The Valenches Music Company offers a variety instrument combinations to suit all musical needs and budgets. Take a peek at what we did for our clients, Ryann and Coulter for their wedding day.

Solo Instrument (with accompaniment)

Valenches Music Company Violin & Piano

Violin with Piano Accompaniment

The violin is the typical “go to” instrument when it comes to solo string playing; however, cello certainly works as well. Most music written for solo string instruments requires either piano or organ accompaniment. While there is music written for solo violin, it’s mostly heavily virtuosic in quality and not likely to be consistent with what you had in mind for wedding (or other event) music. In our professional opinion, forgoing accompaniment leaves an empty sound and lacks fullness. Therefore, we do require an accompanist for solo instruments and have several musicians we prefer working with.

String Duo

A duo refers to two instruments and would be either two violins or violin and cello. Although both combinations work well together, we recommend the latter because of the depth the cello adds to the violin. Accompaniment is not required for a string duo but for fullness of sound, it’s recommended. Alternatively, a string trio can make a huge difference in terms of richness.

String Trio

A string trio usually consists of two violins and cello, but we’ve done other combinations too. For a solid sound, a trio is a good place to start. If you’re looking for popular classical music, or to replicate, for example, the Star Wars theme, you need at least a trio. There simply aren’t enough instruments to cover all the harmonies in classical and popular music with less than three instruments.

String Quartet

One of various string trio combinations
Violin, Viola & Cello

String quartets are classic and timeless when it comes to music for special events. Comprised of two violins, viola and cello, the possibilities are endless. Four instruments go a long way in creating a full sound and filling in all the harmonies that make string music so inspiring. Plus, most well known classical melodies and even special “pop” requests fare well with this instrumentation. The Valenches Music Company String Quartet can play ANYTHING, provided we have music. We do have a ton (actually, about 53 pounds) of classical quartet music, but we’d be happy to arrange your special requests (such as “pop” music) at competitive rates.

String Quintet

If you want to know what a string quintet sounds like, read “String Quartet” above and put a cherry on top. A quintet uses the same instrumentation as a quartet but kicks it up two notches with the heft of a bass. Two words: string bliss.

Additional Musicians: Vocalists & Pianists/Organists

To round out your musical experience, we enjoy working with Valenches Music Company approved vocalists, pianists and organists. We’d be happy to make some recommendations.

Music for Scranton, Wilkes Barre, Stroudsburg & Beyond

The Valenches Music Company gladly produces events all over Northeastern Pennsylvania, including the Scranton, Wilkes Barre and Stroudsburg areas. Check our locations page for more details.

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