Attention Valenches Music Company Students!

We’ve got a challenge for you!

Giada says, “Lullabies are for babies. Get me my Carl Flesch!”

Of course we know that you’ve already got musical talent. You’ve mastered scales. You’re reading notes. Maybe you’re even rattling off some Bach or Paganini these days. We can certainly call you a musician — but are you a creative musician?

This is your chance for us to find out so grab your cameras and your creativity.

Enter Your Photo

We challenge you to create an original photo. Each photo MUST include these FOUR things:

#1 YOU – The Student (and we mean all students — from 2 to 102)


and in true Valenches Music Company style…

#3 YOUR CARL FLESCH BOOK! Yes. You read that right. You don’t have to admit it but you and I both know that it’s all about Carl Flesch. If you haven’t gotten your Carl Flesch Book yet, you’re welcome to borrow one.

#4 YOUR CRAFTY CAPTION It’s not everyday that Carl Flesch gets a photo op. Don’t forget to tell us what your photo’s all about.

You Could Win!

We’re awarding Valenches Music House, LLC gift certificates for the top 3 MOST CREATIVE PHOTOS!

1st Place: $100.00 gift certificate to VMH

2nd Place: $50.00 gift certificate to VMH

3rd Place: $25.00 gift certificate to VMH

  • The winners will be selected by Zack Rosenthal – SHAR MUSIC Sales Representative
  • All entries are due by Saturday, September 15, 2012 at midnight.
  • Please submit your photo and caption to

Just a Final Reminder

Your Carl Flesch Book is indestructible. This means you CAN’T burn it. You CAN’T drown it. And if you try to lose it, IT WILL FIND YOU! Think we’re kidding? We’ve got proof. So after using your Carl Flesch Book for your photo shoot, we expect to see it back at your lesson, no excuses!

Contest winners will be announced right here on our blog Saturday, September 22, 2012.




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